"Stimulating environment thanks to great colleagues"

Filip Drapal

Former intern

What brought you to zeb?

I met zeb at university (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien), where I studied international management in the CEMS MiM program. I wanted to experience a consulting environment and I have always been passionate about financial industry given my prior internship in a bank. That is why, zeb was a perfect combination of both.

What were your responsibilities at zeb?

The biggest advantage at zeb is that even if you are an intern, you work on important tasks which have an impact on projects. For example, the day I started I was assigned the creation of a whole presentation, which was presented to the client the following day. In general, I worked on IT related projects for banks. I conducted financial analysis, benchmarking, analyzed processes, searched for optimization and then created recommendations for the client.
How do you like the work at zeb?

I really enjoyed my internship. It was stimulating, challenging and constantly evolving. I was never bored and I learned a lot not only about consulting, but also financial industry. Additionally, I spent unforgettable moments with great colleagues also outside of the business hours. 

What advice do you give students who are interested in consulting?

I would recommend to be structured (not only in your delivery but also when planning your work) and to be always curious and “hungry” to get to know new things also outside of your industry because you never know when it will be useful in the future.

Why would you recommend to work in Luxembourg?

Working in Luxembourg has many advantages. First, it is probably one of the most international cities in Europe. Second, it is a financial hub where I met many interesting people also from other companies from which I could have learnt some industry specifics. Finally, I could travel to many surrounding places thanks to Luxembourg central location.